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New Covenant Baptist

In February, 2013, Dr. Robert Mulkey, then pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Port Orange, Florida, and former pastor of First Baptist Church, DeLand, Florida, contacted several people who had expressed interest in starting a new progressive Baptist church in DeLand.  With about 50 people in attendance at our first service, New Covenant Baptist Church was formed and met in the DeLand Women’s Club on March 10, 2013.

The church immediately needed more space than The Women’s Club offered and arranged with the Spanish Seventh Day Adventist Church to rent their buildings on Sundays.  Beginning October 6, 2013, worship began at that 1010 N. Alabama Avenue location in DeLand.

By July, 2014, the church was able to purchase five acres on South Blue Lake Avenue.  A building committee was formed and plans to construct our own church building began.

Worship at the Seventh Day Adventist site continued until Covid.  Services were conducted online during the pandemic and were accessed via YouTube. During this period, in August of 2020, the Spanish Seventh Day Adventist buildings were seriously damaged by a tornado.  When safe, in-person worship was again available, First United Methodist Church, DeLand allowed New Covenant to use one of their buildings to hold services.

In May, 2022, Pastor Mulkey retired.  A pastor search committee was formed and Reverend Kevin Collison was called to serve as interim. On August 28, 2022, the new church building at 1350 South Blue Lake Avenue was available for the first service.  Interim pastor, Kevin Collison, led that service and continues as our pastor.

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Who We Are

To proclaim in words and actions that in Jesus Christ love is stronger than fear, joy is deeper than sorrow, life is stronger than death, and unity is more powerful than division.

Building an open, inclusive, welcoming, and affirming community of faith that demonstrates Christ’s love for all people by offering opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and fun.

Seekers in all communities across Central Florida and online, who hope to learn and strengthen their relationship with the Divine.

At our place of worship and in the community, offering both in-person and online opportunities, locally and globally.

We offer Bible and religious studies both in person and streaming online; in-person and streaming church services; community service work; and other programs, such as art camps. We seek to build upon our services as our congregation grows and welcome all ideas to help spread the word of New Covenant Baptist Church.
We are a unique congregation encompassing both an older generation of Christ-followers and new members eager to build a dynamic and inclusive faith community in DeLand.

We are funded through our generous community of Christ-followers by donations and fundraising activities.