The importance of generosity...

At New Covenant Baptist Church, we embrace the idea that generosity is not just about financial contributions, but encompasses a broader sense of selflessness and compassion. We believe that giving extends beyond our church walls and into the wider community, as we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others through our worship and community efforts. Our congregation recognizes that giving is a privilege and an opportunity to align our resources with our values, fostering a spirit of unity and interconnectedness. With open hearts and open hands, we aspire to create a world where love, justice, and kindness prevail, reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Ways to Give

Give Online
(coming soon)

You can securely donate to New Covenant Baptist Church via our website here. You may set up a one time contribution or utilize the convenience of a recurring gift.

Give In Person

Place your contribution in the offering plate during our Sunday morning services which begin at 11am. You may also drop off a giving envelope at the front office during staffed office hours.

Mail A Check

You may mail a check to the church at
1350 S Blue Lake Avenue
DeLand, FL 32724